July 09, 2009

One hour of 'being' art made flesh.

Tina-Louise is an amazing woman. This Sunday 12th July she will be high on the plinth in Trafalgar Square as Art. Part of her one hour in the centre of our imaginations will be devoted to COEXIST.

'I entered this competition to show support for the type of art and activity that speaks from the heart of people. That this is a chance for individuals to simply be, without a need to perform, is a wonderful and inspired idea. I never imagined I would actually get a place!

Now that I spend every waking and dreaming moment pondering what I will do, how it will be and what it means to me... I find myself feeling like a fragment of Antony Gormley's vivid imagination - a piece of his art that will get a chance to act independent of the artist.'

'I am 11am Sunday 12th July...... '

Click on this link http://www.oneandother.co.uk/ on 11.00 BST Sunday morning and we can share the moment together. Only together can we build the world we want to see.

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