July 17, 2009

Dame Vivienne Westwood

The grand dame of fashion made an impassioned plea about climate change on TV last week. She said “Politicians are stopping us from saving the planet. We can only be saved by public opinion... we're at war with something that's never happened before, we have to make politicians do what we want."

Writing in the British newspapers, NASA scientist James Lovelock argues that, as a result of global warming, "billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable" by the end of the 21st century. He has been quoted in The Guardian saying : ‘ 80% of humans will perish by 2100 AD, and this climate change will last 100,000 years.

For Vivienne Westwood the environment is an imperative. The pre industrial 2 degree increase in global temperatures is coming upon us fast and once past it there may be no return. It will mean starvation on a scale unimaginable. But before that the violence to secure precious resources will reshape the spineless politics we now endure. The fight will not be for oil. It will be for water and food. Steps to mitigate the effects of climate change will not wait for the banking systems to get back to ‘normal’. Who but our politicians are stopping us from saving the planet?


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