June 14, 2009

MP for Cardiff North Julie Morgan has announced that she will take plans by COEXIST for Violence Transformation Education to be taught in schools, to Parliament.

· 40% of UK schools report pupils bringing weapons into the playground or classroom

· One British child dies every week at the hands of a parent or carer

· I in 3 women are beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused by people they know.

It is against this background that Julie Morgan, MP for Cardiff North and well known human rights defender announced that she is firmly behind plans to teach non-violent conflict resolution in schools.

She said, ‘I strongly believe that if young people are given the tools to reduce conflict in their lives we can start to transform violence in our schools, in our homes and on our streets. I shall be asking for the teaching of non-violent conflict resolution to be placed firmly on the National Curriculum and will be raising this in Parliament at the earliest opportunity.’

Julie Morgan MP met COEXIST founder Pippa Bartolotti at the Peace Bed-in at the Big Sleep Hotel in Cardiff to celebrate 40 years since John Lennon and Yoko Ono dedicated their honeymoon to Peace awareness.

Several Peace organisations were also present including the ministry for peace, Women Opposing War, Amnesty International, COEXIST and the Centre for Economic and Social Justice.

Said Pippa Bartolotti of Newport based COEXIST ‘Julie Morgan’s announcement was exactly the step forward we were hoping for. If we teach our children to resolve conflict before it escalates into violence, we will lay the foundations for a more peaceful, tolerant and less violent world. In a land where 2 women die every week at the hands of their partner, the need to teach non-violent conflict resolution in schools has never been greater. Julie Morgan is championing the cause to Make Violence History.’

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